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Queer digital development fund







For QueerCoded's first philanthropic initiative, we are raising $2,500 to grant five small queer-owned businesses a year of Wix website hosting as well as a custom website design to support them in 2021!

We will be awarding one Community Choice Award to the applicant who receives the most votes on our publicly displayed poll. The remaining four will be selected by our judging panel, which will consist of an inclusive group of community members. The panel judges will be announced throughout the application period, with the final judge being announced on January 31st. We will continue to raise funds until we reach our goal.

Applications will begin on January 1st, 2021 and will be open to anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We will be taking applications until January 31st, at which time the review and voting process will begin.

One of the benefits of our application process is the opportunity to develop a directory of small, queer-owned businesses and to promote their products and services.

This will also give us an opportunity to train and pay new designers and developers from the queer community, providing a new and exciting career path in a booming industry.

QueerCoded would like to thank you in advance for your generosity!

Frequently Asked Questions


When can I vote on the Community Choice Award?


Voting will start on February 1st after the final applications have been received. Voting will end on February 13th and will be announced with the other award recipients.


How will applicants be reviewed for an award?


We will be giving out a total of five websites (unless the amounts raised supersede the $2,500 goal). We will be giving one Community Choice Award selected by community peers who visit the website and vote. The remaining four will be evaluated based on the criteria of the application, which will be announced by February15th on the QDD Fund’s webpage. No stakeholders of QueerCoded will participate in this judging panel to that ensure the process is equitable.


Does my small business need to have a current website to apply?


No, applicants must have a digital presence via website or social media to apply. These granted opportunities are open to anyone who identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community with a currently established business. Digital development services will include a redesign of your current website or your small business’ first website! This will give us the opportunity to showcase their work.


Are applicants required to be listed on the small business directory?


Here at QueerCoded, we are all about consent. During the application process, we will ask applicants if they would like to be listed on this new directory. In order to be eligible for the one Community Choice Award, applicants must elect to be a public application. These applicants will be listed on the Queer Digital Development Fund page for the duration of the application period and until finalists are announced. This will provide opportunity for the community to vote on the Community Choice awardee.


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